Insider FAQ

What’s a Zappos Insider?

Zappos Insiders are simply people who might want to work for Zappos someday… now, tomorrow or sometime down the road. It’s like a special membership for people who want to stay in touch with us, learn more about our fun, zany culture, know what’s happening at our company, get special insider perspectives and receive team-specific updates about the group that you’d like to join. There is no better way to stay in-the-know and for us to get to know each other than by becoming an Insider.

So then how can I be considered for a position at Zappos?

It’s super simple. If you want to stay in the know and get top consideration for openings as they become available, become a Zappos Insider.

What are the advantages of becoming an Insider?

  • Get top consideration for openings as they become available
  • See who you know at Zappos and ask for a referral
  • Stay in-the-know about the latest news and happenings
  • Chat with your Zappos Ambassador
  • Gain exclusive access to online events and REAL Zappos employees

Can I become an Insider for multiple teams?

You don't need to join multiple teams because, once you become an Insider, our awesome recruiting team will automatically be able to find you and consider you for multiple roles and teams, based on your skill, experience and interests. Pick the team that is most relevant and that you'd like to learn about the most. We'll run with things from there!

How can I stand out from the pack and stay front-and-center in the Zappos Recruiters’ minds?

That’s a great question! There are a number of ways to stay in touch, help us get to know you and get to know us better too!

  1. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to create a video cover letter (or some other creative way to show us your true colors, your real personality and who you are as an individual). When company culture is as much of a priority as it is for Zappos, these pieces of the equation are SO important and you will definitely stand out if you give us a chance to know you beyond the written words on your resume! (Zappos core value #4: Be Adventurous, Creative and Open-Minded.)
  2. Every single one of our recruiters is active on Twitter, talking to fans and Insiders every single day. If you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow our recruiters and join in the conversation! Hundreds of other Zappos employees are on there too! If you’re not on Twitter, maybe now’s the perfect time to give it a shot! After all, “Embrace and Drive Change” is another Zappos core value!
  3. Speaking of Twitter, be sure to join our biweekly #InsideZappos Tweetchats on Thursdays at 1pm ET / 10am PT. It’s a great way to meet tons of Zappos employees around the company (not just recruiters) and gain insights and personal impressions about life at Zappos. You can ask questions, chime in, share your thoughts, etc. It’s super fun and the 30 minutes just speed by!
  4. If Twitter’s just not your thing, you’ll be happy to hear that we’re also on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and we love hearing from our fans, current employees and future employees! Pop by to say hi, tell us what you think about one of our updates on company culture, life at Zappos, our people, our events, our customer service, the way we do business. It’s a great way to stay in touch and also to stand out.
  5. Google Hangouts are coming! We will soon be launching Google Hangouts (think video conference calls) where potential employees can hang out (no pun intended) with recruiters and other Zappos employees, ask questions, get to know us, let us get to know you, etc. There’re going to be TONS of fun and we can’t wait to get started!
  6. As always, feel free to reach out to your team ambassador anytime if you have any questions. That’s why we’re here! (Before reaching out, maybe get to know your ambassador better by reading his/her blog posts!)

Thanks for being a Zappos Insider. We’re glad to have you on board!